China promised mercury thermometers will be completely phased out within seven years

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A mercury thermometer will not to use the
China has committed to phase-out began in 2016
A household mercury thermometers containing mercury to about 1 gram after being broken, leaking mercury will evaporate once the mercury vapor is inhaled, can enter the body through the blood circulation, damage to the central nervous system, Mercury is a potentially great harm heavy metals.
According to Xinhua News Agency, October 10, full diplomatic Conference "Minamata Convention" sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme held in Japan on behalf of 92 countries and regions including China, signed the "Minamata Initiative by the World Health Organization Convention ", aims to phase out by 2020, including a number of products, including mercury thermometers. The Convention is a legally binding convention is the world's first on this highly toxic metal mercury, signed, expected to take effect in 2016.
Jiangsu Province Institute of Metrology Institute of Thermal Engineers metering chamber temperature Luan Haifeng told reporters, as early as 1992, Sweden had been the first to ban the sale of all mercury-containing medical devices, as of last year, most European countries have a complete ban including mercury medical and all mercury-related equipment, including industrial products.
China's annual production of about 120 million mercury thermometers, mercury thermometers per year due to breakage and waste disposal as there are more than 10 tons of mercury! But yesterday, reporters from the Jiangsu Provincial Food and Drug Administration learned that the current council has not received any higher authorities banned mercury medical devices notification or approval. Mercury thermometers, mercury and other mercury blood pressure meter medical equipment can still be normal business.
B electronic thermometer encounter "difficult to promote."
Nanjing hospital said many rarely used
Electronic thermometer once high hopes that it can replace mercury thermometers. It is understood that the electronic thermometer according to the principle can be divided into two kinds of platinum resistance and infrared. Infrared, the machine can be divided into ear thermometer (contact) and the amount of temperature machines (non-contact). Reporters in the measured temperature counter Nanjing Children's Hospital outpatient hall to see the nurse using an infrared forehead thermometer electronic machine. But she said the reference value is only for doctors, hospitals, clinics and wards of all the doctors and nurses are used mercury thermometers. Propaganda Department of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, the staff said, thermometers and sphygmomanometers their hospitals are Mercury, only a small number of pediatric use electronic ear temperature, Reporters then contacted the telephone number of the hospital in Nanjing and the answer is few electronic thermometer. This is what causes it?


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