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  "It should change the concept of reducing the use of mercury sphygmomanometer, electronic blood pressure monitor to switch to mercury-free." In the August 29 meeting of the "2013 mercury-free medical devices media conference", the "green medicine" concept has been Experts Consensus .

China is now the world's use of mercury in products a big country in January this year, including China, more than 140 countries and regions through the "Minamata Convention on Mercury," which called in 2020 after the ban on the production, import and export of mercury-containing thermometers and blood pressure meter electronic sphygmomanometer is bound to replace the mercury sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure to become a major medical equipment.

National Cardiovascular Center, Professor Wang explained that the traditional mercury sphygmomanometer subjective because there are some human factors, inevitably there are some differences between the measured values, such as the effects of ambient noise, the doctor too fast when deflated and reading preferences, will be errors caused blood pressure values. The advantages of electronic sphygmomanometer is the ability to accurately detect transient changes in blood pressure. "Chinese Hypertension Prevention Guide 2010" that the use of proven (British Hypertension Society, the American Society for Testing Medical Devices and the European Society of Hypertension) Automatic or semi-automatic upper arm electronic blood pressure monitor, blood pressure can be accurately measured.

  Professor Wang pointed out that the electronic sphygmomanometer and mercury sphygmomanometer substantially no difference in accuracy in the near future, the electronic sphygmomanometer will be combined with wireless communication technology, blood pressure data measured by the patient at home can be transferred immediately to the doctor on your computer, to shorten the distance between doctors and patients, so prevention and treatment of hypertension is more convenient and efficient.


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