How to choose a correct sphygmomanometer

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    We must first of its profits. Now on the market sphygmomanometer dazzling readers how to pick and choose my friends for home use "right-hand man" mean?

The method currently used to measure the blood pressure there are three: the mercury sphygmomanometer, electronic blood pressure measurement and invasive blood pressure measurement. Invasive blood pressure measurement of blood pressure is the gold standard, but needs to be measured by a pressure sensor directly into the arterial puncture artery (such as the femoral artery or radial artery), the measurement of blood pressure in the blood vessels. This is the most accurate method if you want to use in the home, it is really worthy of the "vulnerable." Classic mercury sphygmomanometer blood pressure measurement tool, still widely used in the hospital, but you want to use in the home, to accurately stethoscope on the artery to mention it when in use, and requires a certain skill auscultation, this process of measuring blood pressure of a person is difficult to complete, therefore, not suitable for the general public in the popularity of the family. With the development of science and technology, now, ease of use and accuracy of the electronic sphygmomanometer has been greatly improved, it has increasingly become the main tool for home blood pressure measurement.

Many readers will certainly be worried about the accuracy of the electronic sphygmomanometer. This really is not a groundless fear, the electronic device market is indeed good and bad, good quality, poor quality, have been certified to international standards, has not been certified, there are differences in the measurement site.

First, we follow the 2010 "Chinese Hypertension Prevention Guide" recommendations, promote the use of electronic sphygmomanometer upper arm blood pressure self-test, rather than the wrist or finger blood pressure measurement. After all, part of the artery blood pressure can be relatively straightforward to reflect the true blood pressure.

Second, we recommend the use of international standards through certification of qualified electronic sphygmomanometer. What is it certified? A British Hypertension Society (BHS), the second is the standard European Society of Hypertension (ESH), and the third is the American Association of Medical Device Standard (AAMI). There are three international standard certification of electronic sphygmomanometer, it should be "reliable products." Blood pressure: It was not so simple

With electronic sphygmomanometer, blood pressure measurement process seem like a fool camera to take pictures as simple as pressing a button easy to get. But to truly accurate measurement, there are a lot of stress.

When using the electronic device, it is important to select the cuff, in general, the standard length of the cuff is 12 to 13 cm, if the patient's arm too thick friends, the cuff is too small, the measurement value may be too high, and too arm fine, when the cuff is too large, the measured value will be low. Cuff width requirement covering two-thirds of the upper arm. In order to ensure the accuracy of blood pressure measurement using the right size cuff is a crucial step.


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