Mercury thermometer

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World Health Organization and stakeholders 11 launched a campaign to try to eliminate the mercury used in the medical thermometer.

WHO Director-General Margaret Chan in a statement said: "Mercury is one of the top ten public health hazards of chemicals, and generations will spread is a matter left in the ecosystem, exposure to this substance people pose serious health and mental harm. "

WHO says it is harmless in cooperation with health care organizations, strive to 2020 phase out the use of mercury thermometers and mercury sphygmomanometers. If you stop the manufacture, import and export of mercury devices, and promote accurate, inexpensive and safe alternative instruments, this goal can be achieved.

10, 2009, in the diplomatic credentials of the General Assembly "Minamata Convention" held in Japan, the representatives of 92 countries and regions including China, eventually signed the "Minamata Convention", and work to control and reduce global mercury emissions. The Convention has set a 2020 target to phase out mercury devices, which involves a number of products, including mercury, including thermometers. According to Xinhua News Agency


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